Who is the competition open to and what are the requirements to participate?

The "Carapelli for Art" competition is open to all professional visual artists operating in the various artistic fields and to students of the Academies of Fine Arts. Participants must indicate whether they intend to participate in the "Open" or "Academy" category and in this last case attach the registration declaration and the data of the belonging Academy of Fine Arts. Students enrolled in public academies and students enrolled in private academies can participate. Carapelli Firenze reserves the right to verify the actual enrolment in the Academy of Fine Arts, for the winners of this category.

Which category should I apply for?

The "Academy" category is reserved for students regularly enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts. In the event of a win, the certification of regular registration to the Academy declared during the application phase will be required. The "Open" category is reserved for all the other artists.

How do I apply for my artwork?

To participate it is essential to fill in the registration form. Registration for the competition can only be done in the appropriate section of the website www.carapelliforart.it by filling in the following requirements:

  • Name, surname, date of birth, city, country, e-mail, telephone number
  • Curriculum Vitae (maximum 1.000 letters)
  • Statement of the artist (maximum 2.000 letters)
  • Title and composition of the work (year, materials, dimensions
  • Description and Synopsis of the work (maximum 2.000 letters)

And by uploading images and/or videos of the candidate work following the indications on the application form and reported in the competition regulation.

I am having trouble uploading my work. How can I do?

If an error is encountered while sending the application form, we recommend that you check that the documents you are attaching comply with the format and size accepted by the platform.
If you need to compress a document, we recommend using the following online applications:

  • Name, surname, date of birth, city, country, e-mail, telephone number
  • Photo or images: https://www.iloveimg.com/it/comprimere-immagine
  • Documents in pdf: https://www.ilovepdf.com/it/comprimere_pdf
How many artworks can I submit?

Each artist can participate in the competition only once, applying only one work. If several works are submitted for the same participant, the jury reserves the right to take into consideration only the first work loaded in chronological order. Each work must comply with the requirements that are requested in the participation format. All applications received after the closing day of the call, beyond 10th of July 2022, will not be considered by the jury.

Can I participate with any type of artwork? Are there any limitations regarding its size?

There are no restrictions in this regard, nor regarding the type of artwork, nor regarding the size of the same. It will be possible to apply for works created with any technique and material and any type of expression will be admitted to the competition.

How are the artworks evaluated and selected?

The participating works will be selected by a jury made up of four expert critics and curators of contemporary art and a representative of Carapelli Firenze S.p.A. In assessing the candidates, both the formal and conceptual elements of the artwork presented, and the description provided by the artist will be taken into consideration.

What are the deadlines for the competition?

The competition notice will be launched in March 2022. The artists will send it to Carapelli Firenze S.p.A. the application form by 10th of July 2022. The jury will evaluate the works and select the winners in the two categories by end of July 2022. The winners will be notified and must send their work to Carapelli Firenze S.p.A. by end of September 2022. In October 2022, an award ceremony will be held, in locations to be defined, in which the winners will be invited to participate.

How is the final prize pool divided?

There are two categories of prizes, for a total prize pool of € 12,000:

  • Open Category: reserved for all professional artists. For this category, Carapelli Firenze S.p.A. will purchase two winning works worth.
  • Academy Category: reserved for students enrolled in the Academies of Fine Arts. For this category, Carapelli Firenze S.p.A. will purchase two winning works.
How can I get more inf ormation about the contest?

Consult the website www.carapelliforart.it to download the complete competition rules. For more information and to stay updated on the competition, follow us on our official social channels and discover all the news on Carapelli for Art.

If you haven’t found an answer to your questions, contact us and we will reply as soon as possible