Carapelli is pleased to renew its support to art and culture. Carapelli for Art, international award for visual arts, announces its V° edition. Until July 10th 2022, will be online the free call for entries for the "Open" and "Academy" categories, referring to the new theme:


«Respect is a broad concept; each of our actions and accomplishments takes place in the most complete and ethically acceptable way, when the overall effects are considered - in the social, political, economic, environmental, among others. Effects that concern not only the present but necessarily also the future, in close correlation to the theme addressed by the last edition, sustainability: a development model capable of balancing the growth of the current generation with that of the generations to come, or the awareness of doing , to realize, to produce with the common good as its goal. Among what gives shape and substance to contemporary global society, in all its variety, there is certainly the set of relationships, at multiple levels: the relationship with ourselves, between us and others, between nations, between different areas of the world, between our species and nature. Aristotle, the philosopher at the base of our civilization, in a famous passage from "Politics" argued that the particular nature of the human being was precisely living in a community (the polis). As a plural dimension, it is clear that coexistence must be based on respect for one another in order to exist. In recent years art has often and substantially confronted itself with respect, also as a consequence of an increasingly articulated and complex geopolitical scenario. The process involved elements of positivity, such as the emergence of the artistic specificity of cultures hitherto little or nothing considered and a greater consideration of contexts, together with other questionable ones, such as financial speculation or the superficial and specious recourse to a generic idea of ​​diversity. The question also concerns the identity of the artist, the work with the materials and the various media, the coherence of the research, the way of approaching and dealing with the art system and with society.»

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